Friday, September 12, 2008

Alternative (Cont-d):Joy Division's - New Order

New Order’s first album “Movement” was very reminiscent of the classic Joy Division sound but this album included more technical musical growth and added more keyboard –synthesized sounds. Gillian Gilbert was added to the trio and the band continued to make new music and stray away from their earlier, raw sound. The crew became very interested in dance music from their visit to the U.S. and continued to make new music with electronica elements. They also mastered the art of remixes way before Diddy. New Order has several remixes to popular songs they have created (including a cut by Quincy Jones) and many of these remixes are extremely different from their originals, yet they have the signature New Order alternative-electro feel. At, We would definitely recommend 5 New Order albums to start with if you don’t know much about them; “Substance” (1987), “Power, Corruption and Lies” (1983), “Low-Life” (1985) “Technique” (1989)and “Brotherhood” (1986) –in that order…. With several top 10 singles under their belt, New Order has definitely gained mainstream attention while staying true to the alternative music genre. Here is New Order’s “Temptation” which shows how the band interwove old and new.
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