Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The 80’s 101 (cont-d): The internet and The Smiths

Due to popular CDJ member demand…we continue our 80’s series. Most people think of college students as embryonic drunkards. While this may be true, many college students are hard working –trendsetters. This is why they are typically used for case studies, scientific experiments and market research. The music industry and trend followers have now taken more notice of the college demographic due to “new media” and the increase in social networks. In regards to music, college students download new music more than any other demographic but more importantly, they find out about new music from the internet more than any other traditional media resource. (Contact us for specific data.) Although some consider various sources of the internet to be “new word of mouth”, the basic tenants of finding new music reside in the internet space – virally. Music is now cheaper to produce in large quantities and more websites are taking advantage of this trend and lowering prices to accommodate downloader – search opportunity costs. Freemium product pricing also helps. Ochoa and Corey show that decreased prices expand digital downloads and is expansionary for downstream and upstream businesses in the internet sector. Ochoa and Corey explain, “With digital pirates always improving their armaments, perhaps the best way to battle them is to join them by helping anyone who wants digital commodities to get them in a cheap and easy online format that makes piracy unattractive.” “Low price is more expensive than free, but many consumers will pay a small premium for legality, especially if the seller throws in greater convenience and service”. Facilitating this new trend are sites like www.facebook.com and www.myspace.com that will become more integral in spreading the internet word about new music. This is why the 80’s is hot again. The internet has allowed music to become an impulse item. If content is king, then distribution is queen……….Here is another 80’s classic from The Smiths which we call The Beatles 2.0…………..dp


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roccett - Corporate America

Success in the music industry is notoriously difficult. Whether it be the obstacle of not having the backing of a major label, or the lack of respect and support from superstar rappers and fans alike, the road to stardom is far from easy. Many people have fallen at the hands of these hardships.

One man who has thrived in these conditions is California rapper Roccett.

Born Jerome Rockett in 1983, and raised in the rugged streets of Carson, Calif., the 22-year-old MC learned about hustling and working hard at a young age. The rough surroundings of crime and gangs in Carson molded Roccett into a strong individual, and gave him the necessary experience to share the struggles of what many people face. After his initial dream of a basketball career didn't materialize, he discovered he had a passion for hip-hop at the age of 16. With his eyes clearly set on his new goal, he began laying out the foundation for his success by performing shows throughout Los Angeles.

Coming from the west coast, a region that has produced stars like Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, N.W.A and many more, and famous for its unique lifestyle, Roccett embodies what many west coast rap fans love, while at the same time displaying a versatility that makes him appealing to hip-hop fans across the world.

His charisma and strong stage presence, combined with his ability to craft stories about a wide array of subjects earned the young rapper the respect of fans and caused the industry to take notice.

His talent and drive caught the attention of Green Up Entertainment in 2004, and his partnership with the company, which has worked with notables like Usher and Tupac, has produced a sizable buzz. Having already worked with established stars like Young Jeezy, Fabolous, Killer Mike, Knoc'turn'al and other rising rappers like Bishop Lamont and Spider Loc at this young stage of his career, as well as having critically acclaimed mixtapes under his belt, Roccett's talent is clear.

With so many dues paid, his industry knowledge and the groundwork set, Roccett is poised to make a lasting impression on hip-hop.

DJ KidRelly aka Kid Come Up

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kanye's Grammy Grammar

Kanye West was a huge success last year. His third album received a lot of attention for it’s 80’s feel and his use of keyboards throughout the album. This years Grammy wins for Kanye suggest -rap music still has a broad listening audience. Although different styles of hip hop music exist, the quintessential, long lasting characteristic of the “new new school” remains. Today’s artists have expanded their wordplay and music arrangements. Kanye West has made songs for many artists and was ignored as an artist himself until his first album. He has now evolved into an award winning musician. Talib Kweli, Common and other artists that specialize in rhyme scheme also had a good 2007. Along with these favorites, a new movement involving old “classic” artists has also occurred. Hip hop music has come a long way with something for everyone. A minority of hip hop musicians have received Grammy laudations, but when your big brother (Jay-Z) was B.I.G.’s brother, you’ve had extraordinary tutelage. We are looking forward to hearing more from Kanye and the rest of the hip hop-musicians that are making award winning music. Here is a clip of Timbo and K-West doing what they do…… DGTLHPHP http://www.collegedj.net/