Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CDJ Digital promotes

CDJ recently linked up with to help them launch their new website. NollywoodAmerica recently had their launch party to promote the site and helped NollywoodAmerica with their digital promotional activities and event planning. The email marketing advice, digital promotions, DJ and video setup consulting we provided was critical to the success of the event. The strategic partnership involved cross promoting and digital distribution for a targeted, young demographic. We are pleased to announce that the event was an overwhelming success. CDJ Digital is now focusing on expanding and scaling its digital offerings and distribution capacity. We hope to be able to offer more synergistic services in the future....See the picture gallery for snaps of the event which included mic control from –DP (just a tad) and performances by Madarocka Chi, a well established Nigerian American hip hop artist. The next event is coming soon!!! Why not plan your next internet related activity/event with the help of CDJ?

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Alternative (Cont-d):Joy Division's - New Order

New Order’s first album “Movement” was very reminiscent of the classic Joy Division sound but this album included more technical musical growth and added more keyboard –synthesized sounds. Gillian Gilbert was added to the trio and the band continued to make new music and stray away from their earlier, raw sound. The crew became very interested in dance music from their visit to the U.S. and continued to make new music with electronica elements. They also mastered the art of remixes way before Diddy. New Order has several remixes to popular songs they have created (including a cut by Quincy Jones) and many of these remixes are extremely different from their originals, yet they have the signature New Order alternative-electro feel. At, We would definitely recommend 5 New Order albums to start with if you don’t know much about them; “Substance” (1987), “Power, Corruption and Lies” (1983), “Low-Life” (1985) “Technique” (1989)and “Brotherhood” (1986) –in that order…. With several top 10 singles under their belt, New Order has definitely gained mainstream attention while staying true to the alternative music genre. Here is New Order’s “Temptation” which shows how the band interwove old and new.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Late 70's: Joy Division Creates Alternative Music

Joy Division is considered by many to have helped shape the beginnings of alternative music. (Of course, we here at agree.) Joy Division was definitely post-punk. Alternative music has various meanings and some disagree on its true meaning……but Joy Division added more melodies to the punk sound and moved away from overextended power-chord changes and incorporated slick guitar riffs and harmonies into their sound. The repetitive guitar riffs created by Bernard Sumner were accompanied by Peter Hooks’ high bass line playing style. Hooks plays the bass by hanging it low and using the higher notes to harmonize with the rest of the band. Hooks’ bass guitar is basically -a new instrument. He is an innovator. The drummer, Stephen Morris, is perhaps one of the most overlooked drummers to come out of the post punk era and has unusual speed and thick fill-ins. The lead singer, Ian Curtis was well known for his distinctive low voice and his ability to change emotion and pitch. Lyrically, Curtis fits the alternative mold by providing listeners with something poetic and new. Each band member brought something different to the table and is why Joy Division has influenced bands like U2 and continues to find new fans that have now become familiar with their earlier work. Joy Division is one of many pioneering groups that contributed to the “80’s sound” that is still prevalent in today’s music. Joy Division later became “New Order” and was responsible for taking the early beginnings of alternative music to greater levels in the 80's but………. that's another blog entirely. The college djs are asking for more alternative music. (Really.) Send your submission to Here is “Shadowplay” by Joy Division. Notice the space between notes in the guitar riffs.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Promotions is Key=ibranding….Free Promotion vs. Paying for Promotion???

To have a successful album you need the media involved whether you just have a great life story or create controversy. This can sell albums and help out your career greatly. Think of publicity as free advertising. Any media that is available will work to get you more exposure and hopefully in turn get more shows and sell more records. Many artists would be surprised how much press they can obtain if they just ask. You must have a good press kit or at least photos, music, and a good biography to email to get press. If you do not have one of the three above then don’t try because they are all needed to get coverage with a respected publication. One thing every artist should do is find emails to create a mailing list of press. This can be done by simply going to the websites of the press pertaining to your genre and searching in their “contact us” page or by buying the magazine and checking the articles. Not all magazines give out emails, but many can be found on places like Myspace, Facebook, and other popular networking sites also. When contacting the press, remember that they receive a large number of emails a day so your story must have a catch to it and be interesting for it to print. Also, the theme must pertain to what the magazine is about. No media outlet wants to hear how you are the best artist etc……They want facts and stories that will be interesting to their viewers. To really take advantage of press……and if you have the extra funds, then the best way to go is to hire a public relations company or a publicist who has a history of working with artists in your genre, who has results and is able to show them. A good publicist can run you anywhere from $500 to $4000 a month, depending on what company you hire and what you need. Here at we would like to recommend Fabiola Fleuranvil of N.Y.L.A. Entertainment Group. Remember you do not need a publicist year round if you aren’t an artist with a large budget -but signing a publicist for a few months before and after the release of your next single, mixtape or album…..greatly increases the chances of making your next project more successful.

DJ Kid Relly


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Wicked: The King of Connecticut Stops by

At we are always looking for the latest and most fresh to death music that is on the come up. Wicked (an MC from Connecticut), the King of Connecticut to be exact, is fresh to death. His consistency proves he's too much to handle for any MC that is not up to par. Wicked is one of the last real MC's who displays real musical and lyrical TALENT!!

If you don’t believe me, check out his latest single “Now’s the Time” which you can download right now from us at Also, I had the pleasure of getting to sit down with Wicked and talk about the state of the mix tape game, and much more. Here is the transcript of the interview that I had with Wicked.

DJ KidRelly: What’s goin’ on ya’ll? It’s your boy “DJ KidRelly,” doin’ it real big, and joining me at, is an upstart rapper who’s down with Arkangel Ent. And lookin’ to be the next big thing in hip hop, please welcome the Connecticut Native, Wicked – What’s good, man?

Wicked: What's poppin my dude

DJ KidRelly: I’m glad you had the time, because what we want to do is put you on blast. Let everybody know who exactly Wicked is.

Wicked: Yo, I'm that dude you probably heard on mix cdz killin them freestyles and droppin them street bangaz and was probably like who this Connecticut dude? I never seen this dude before. That was me. I’m an artist, entrepreneur, businessman, hustla, all balled up into one man.

DJ KidRelly: Where is one place, when you’re not doing something musically, where you have the most inspiration – is it in the car, is it in the shower, is it just hangin’ out with your family?

Wicked: (Laughing) either in the bathroom taking a shit writing or in the car because the music is all around me and I just zone out

DJ KidRelly: When you’re rappin’ is everything written down or is it off the top of the dome – how do you go about it?

Wicked: Rappin off the top of my head is my favorite however I feel as though when I'm dealing with a song with meaning, like concepts, stories, ect. I like to have more concentrated thoughts on paper, so I write it down.

DJ KidRelly: In the studio, you’re there a lot, and you’ve been knockin’ out a lot of material for mix tapes – you recently unveiled Code of the Streets Vol. 5 : The Features, a mix tape with DJ L & myself (DJ KidRelly). What type of exposure did that mixtape give you?

Wicked: It reached millions or should I say billions of people. It’s on itunes,,,, This cd has not even been released yet in the streets, It’s exclusively online for now.

DJ KidRelly: For a fan who wants to go pick up a couple brand new mix tapes out on the street, what distinguishes Wicked’s material on his mixtape from anybody else who’s just a run-of-the-mill artist puttin’ out a mixtape?

Wicked: First off my covers are made strictly by Miami Kaos, no one else. Second, you will notice my mix cds have original music on them.

DJ KidRelly: So you’re strivin’ for that connection between the artist and the listener?

Wicked: Yes, I have a connection with my fans, I’m striving for a more broad connection with more fans worldwide.

DJ KidRelly: Continuing on with some mix tape talk: because the mix tape market over the past few years has become relatively flooded, do you feel like mix tapes hold the same weight that they once did, in order to help you achieve success in terms of getting a label deal, getting “on” in a region that maybe didn’t know about you before?

Wicked: Yes & No, the mix tape still holds weight if you’re a hot MC. Also it’s good for exposure to labels or DJz. Mix tapes used to generate a nice cash flow if your shit is hot, but for the most part it’s an excellent marketing tool. Mix tapes sales are not like they were in the early 90s to 2000.

DJ KidRelly: Do you currently have any particular songs being concocted in the studio that’ll be a big part of someone’s life when they get to listen to it in the near future?

Wicked: Yes always. I think the song “Pursuit of Happiness,” off Code of the Streets Vol.5 will play a major role in a lot of people’s life when we release it.

DJ KidRelly: Wicked, how can all of my listeners and your fans find out more about what you got comin’ up?

Wicked: You can stay up on my myspace page
for all latest updates on Wicked.

DJ KidRelly: Definitely! On behalf of, we wish you nothin’ but the best of luck on your upstart career and much success into the future. Any lastwords, and/or Shoutouts?

Wicked: Yes sir, I wanna thank and you, DJ KidRelly for allowing me to express myself up here. My dude Pharoah, for holdin’ it down for the team. Be on the look out for the latest project by me, Wicked “Code of the Streets Vol 5: The Features.”
Also look for that new single “Now’s the Time” it’s can be downloaded at right now. One love to all my supporters’. Thank you for standing by the kid and never giving up. Now’s The Time Y’all, PEACE OUT!!!

College DJ

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College DJ Does Miami.....July 4th in Paradise

Just as Julius Caesar came, saw, and conquered the small town of Tokat in contemporary Turkey, arrived, observed, and began its weekend take-over of the 305 in Dade County, Miami! in conjunction with BestOut Entertainment rented a mansion on Millionaire's Lane in the North Beach of Miami to celebrate our wonderful Nation's Day of Independence! The weekend consisted of a catered VIP evening at Miami's exclusive Opium Gardens and several events in the mansion itself including an after-party Friday night, and a house party Saturday night. Although we will not name-drop, in attendance at the events were a few NFL players, Miami models, producers, and entrepreneurs. Check out the “White Party” and mansion pics in the gallery section below. This was just the first of a string of several exciting, exclusive, events that CDJ will be offering. If you were not able to make it to Miami, but are going to be in the NY, NJ, CT, Philly or D.C. area, be on the look-out for our next event-The Loft Party. Make sure to listen to and download the newest releases from your favorite artists here at…..the number 1 website for college dj news, technology and information.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

DJ Kid Relly says: Aspiring Artists - Know This!!!

It is not enough to make a press kit, because many major record labels do not even open them once they get to the office. There is a way to avoid this situation from happening. You need to know who you are trying to contact at the office. In most cases, you want to get the contact information of the record labels’ Artists and Repertoire (A&R). The A&R is responsible for scouting and artist development, he probably doesn’t have enough time to sort through the plethora of demo tapes sent by hopeful musicians. Doesn’t make sense? Sure it does, - you have to know the A&R or have management that can facilitate a meeting with the A&R. This may be very expensive if you do not live near a location where many A&R’s work out of. Do not fear. A&R’s have created digital networks with independent artists to help them create a digital press kit which will allow them to meet with the labels when they are interested. So….. if you don’t have a direct connection with an A&R, you should be using the internet to try to get the attention of the label and get more listeners. Remember, creating a strong digital press kit is key. Don’t send them a press kit in the mail, because most likely the A&R will never open the shipping package. Here is a resource that can help, is one of several premier virtual A&R services. The website allows you to create a virtual press kit and shop it to different A&Rs.

DJ Kid Relly

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

House is still hot........

Electronica is coming back. These days, much of the new music that has come out has an electric house feel to it. Many artists from rappers to pop and R&B artists are making music that appeals to people who like house music. Artists like Akon, Madonna, Ne-Yo, Lil Wayne (remixes), Kanye West, Lupe and Kenna have recently made tracks with an electronica feel. The trick to making a good cross-genre beat is to stay true to one form while respecting the other. For example, Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” and “Stronger,” are classic house beats that are true to electronica and house, yet still have the basic elements of hip hop. Other artists have synthesized classic hip hop beats to house music by using pitch controls to speed the beat up while some have kept the beat clean like Wiz Khalifa’s “Say Yes”. The combination of hip hop, house and rock has helped to define artists that are looking to reach broad audiences while giving their fan base something new. A lot of the new music also comes with a house style b-side for the djs to play in clubs or other venues that ordinarily don’t play rock or hip hop. Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” has elements of house music -so electronic house beats are unlimited to typical genres. -DP

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Congratulations Seniors!!!

College DJ would like to congratulate all of our college seniors. We wish you the best and hope our graduating djs continue to stay involved in music and Make sure you get your alumni .edu email from your college so you can always access our music. You can also access our music using any new email address and we will confirm you as a former college dj member. Check in with us frequently to get new music before it hits the streets. Feel free to drop us a note and let us know if you will be working in a dj technology or music related field at !!! We thank you for helping us become the number 1 source for college dj technology, information and music. Best of luck in all your endeavors….

The college dj staff.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

80's 201:.......Madonna .......

Madonna is back with another hit. Once again she has found a way to re-reinvent herself and stay relevant. Always beautiful, shapely and stylish, Madonna has come back with a new hit single featuring Justin Timberlake called "4 Minutes". Madonna made her debut as an 80's pop phenomenon and was later labeled the "Queen of Pop". In the 80's she created her own fashion trends and was the envy of many teenage girls. She was the first of many female pop stars to come…., but none of them have had the impact Madonna has had on popular culture. Always controversial, Madonna has been able to stand the test of time by creating classic songs and memorable collabos. The new song is rapidly rising on the charts and has a catchy hook. The new album "Hard Candy" will definitely solidify her pop nobility. Madonna has done it all from books, to movies and she is also tech savvy. We are featuring "4 Minutes" and other new music on our player -so make sure you check in with at least once a week to get the new -best out- before anyone else. What's up with the remix of "4 Minutes"?????? . ……….. dp

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Electronica 80's

Electronic music is strictly an 80’s phenomenon. The push for using electronic sounds in music came from various forms of music meshing together to create a new sound. The hip hop movement influenced the integration of sampling and keyboard drumming to create new music. The alternative music world began to embrace “Depeche Mode and New Order’s” post-punk melodic music……. The rock and roll world also embraced electronic sounds via “Van Halen’s” popular song “Jump”. Then came house music which is now considered “Electronica”. House music was a combination of classic disco and modern mixing. Many of the classic house songs where remakes of songs like “Black Betty” or classic favorites like Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do”. The main tenant of the successful house/electronica beat is the steady bass drum and kick throughtout the song. It must be easy to locate. House music has now morphed into various genres of electric music and because basic dj technology is much cheaper than in years past – anyone can create a quick house beat. But it is not so easy to create a sound that people like. The top ranked global djs are all “Electronica”.  For example, djs like Spirit Catcher and Dub Taylor are well known on the dance, techno club - circuit. A good dj can blend electronica and anything else……. so get ready djs because house music is making a big comeback. Here is a Spirit Catcher tune called “Sweet Deal” we found that is reminiscent of classic house music...... Dp

Monday, April 14, 2008

DJ Technology: Digital Mixers

We at reviewed Rane’s TTM 57SL mixer late last year. Since then we have been busy playing with some of the most innovative and state of the art mixers. One that we frequently use is the 2 & 4 channel Dynamic Mixer with the Integrated KAOSS PAD. From the first glance this mixer might look like any other mixer, but there is a major difference. With the use of the KAOSS PAD your can turn any ordinary gig into a dynamic musical experience. The Integrated KAOSS PAD allows you, the DJ to manipulate audio effects with your fingertips. This mixer has a vast variety of effects, from filters, phasers, delays, reverbs, and many more. With these effects it will take djing to the next level. Most DJs will like KAOSS PAD but nothing and we mean nothing is more important than having an adjustable crossfader that curves for optimal mixing then switching it to cut and scratch for a fierce battle. Whether you’re mixing dual decks, triggering from a laptop or integrating other sound sources, the 2 & 4 channel Dynamic Mixer with the Integrated KAOSS PAD adapts to your style and personal touch. DJ technology has improved considerably in the last few years. Maybe this is why DP says: ”A true dj is an innovator, musician and gadget lover. They are fond of technology in and around their trade.” We brought you two clips this time…..(Next Week we start the electronica series…but we haven’t finished the 80’s yet!!!)

DJ KidRelly aka Kid Come Up


The 80's 101 (cont-d): The Psychedelic Furs

The 80’s are back! More and more people are listening to 80’s music. Various genres of music developed or expanded in the 80’s such as heavy metal, hip hop, electronic based dance music and alternative music. Alternative music came out of the punk music era when artists decided to slow the music down and make it more melodic. Bands such as “The Cure”, “U2”, “New Order” and others began their careers with an early punk rock sound. Later these bands developed their sound and added more harmonies. The cost purchasing a keyboard declined which influenced the music scene as well. (More on this in an upcoming feature article.) From time to time we will feature other bands and musicians from this era. Many of them still exist and are making music for their fans. For example, The Psychedelic Furs were truly an 80’s phenomenon. Their sound was much different than previous acts for using a sax player on their tracks and their lead singer “Richard Butler” had a long -annunciating vocal style. They made popular fame with the song “Pretty in Pink” which later became the title track for the “John Hughes” film and their single “Love My Way” did well on the charts a year later. Check out this PF classic, “Dumb Waiters”. –dp

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The 80’s 101 (cont-d): The internet and The Smiths

Due to popular CDJ member demand…we continue our 80’s series. Most people think of college students as embryonic drunkards. While this may be true, many college students are hard working –trendsetters. This is why they are typically used for case studies, scientific experiments and market research. The music industry and trend followers have now taken more notice of the college demographic due to “new media” and the increase in social networks. In regards to music, college students download new music more than any other demographic but more importantly, they find out about new music from the internet more than any other traditional media resource. (Contact us for specific data.) Although some consider various sources of the internet to be “new word of mouth”, the basic tenants of finding new music reside in the internet space – virally. Music is now cheaper to produce in large quantities and more websites are taking advantage of this trend and lowering prices to accommodate downloader – search opportunity costs. Freemium product pricing also helps. Ochoa and Corey show that decreased prices expand digital downloads and is expansionary for downstream and upstream businesses in the internet sector. Ochoa and Corey explain, “With digital pirates always improving their armaments, perhaps the best way to battle them is to join them by helping anyone who wants digital commodities to get them in a cheap and easy online format that makes piracy unattractive.” “Low price is more expensive than free, but many consumers will pay a small premium for legality, especially if the seller throws in greater convenience and service”. Facilitating this new trend are sites like and that will become more integral in spreading the internet word about new music. This is why the 80’s is hot again. The internet has allowed music to become an impulse item. If content is king, then distribution is queen……….Here is another 80’s classic from The Smiths which we call The Beatles 2.0…………..dp

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roccett - Corporate America

Success in the music industry is notoriously difficult. Whether it be the obstacle of not having the backing of a major label, or the lack of respect and support from superstar rappers and fans alike, the road to stardom is far from easy. Many people have fallen at the hands of these hardships.

One man who has thrived in these conditions is California rapper Roccett.

Born Jerome Rockett in 1983, and raised in the rugged streets of Carson, Calif., the 22-year-old MC learned about hustling and working hard at a young age. The rough surroundings of crime and gangs in Carson molded Roccett into a strong individual, and gave him the necessary experience to share the struggles of what many people face. After his initial dream of a basketball career didn't materialize, he discovered he had a passion for hip-hop at the age of 16. With his eyes clearly set on his new goal, he began laying out the foundation for his success by performing shows throughout Los Angeles.

Coming from the west coast, a region that has produced stars like Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, N.W.A and many more, and famous for its unique lifestyle, Roccett embodies what many west coast rap fans love, while at the same time displaying a versatility that makes him appealing to hip-hop fans across the world.

His charisma and strong stage presence, combined with his ability to craft stories about a wide array of subjects earned the young rapper the respect of fans and caused the industry to take notice.

His talent and drive caught the attention of Green Up Entertainment in 2004, and his partnership with the company, which has worked with notables like Usher and Tupac, has produced a sizable buzz. Having already worked with established stars like Young Jeezy, Fabolous, Killer Mike, Knoc'turn'al and other rising rappers like Bishop Lamont and Spider Loc at this young stage of his career, as well as having critically acclaimed mixtapes under his belt, Roccett's talent is clear.

With so many dues paid, his industry knowledge and the groundwork set, Roccett is poised to make a lasting impression on hip-hop.

DJ KidRelly aka Kid Come Up

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kanye's Grammy Grammar

Kanye West was a huge success last year. His third album received a lot of attention for it’s 80’s feel and his use of keyboards throughout the album. This years Grammy wins for Kanye suggest -rap music still has a broad listening audience. Although different styles of hip hop music exist, the quintessential, long lasting characteristic of the “new new school” remains. Today’s artists have expanded their wordplay and music arrangements. Kanye West has made songs for many artists and was ignored as an artist himself until his first album. He has now evolved into an award winning musician. Talib Kweli, Common and other artists that specialize in rhyme scheme also had a good 2007. Along with these favorites, a new movement involving old “classic” artists has also occurred. Hip hop music has come a long way with something for everyone. A minority of hip hop musicians have received Grammy laudations, but when your big brother (Jay-Z) was B.I.G.’s brother, you’ve had extraordinary tutelage. We are looking forward to hearing more from Kanye and the rest of the hip hop-musicians that are making award winning music. Here is a clip of Timbo and K-West doing what they do…… DGTLHPHP

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you a college Radiohead????

Radiohead was all the rage last year. Radiohead’s last album was phenomenal. They also received mainstream attention for their unique way of pricing their last album. Their last album “In Rainbows” was a digital download where users were able to pick their price to obtain their content. Their music may have been overshadowed by this new pricing strategy because the album was extraordinary in its own right. Radiohead boasts a magnificent sound that is reminiscent of classic alternative music. They have been featured on many college radio stations, popular magazines and blogs because of their electrogrung -yet melodic song styles. The new album will be coming soon which will feature their greatest hits and at CDJ we are eagerly waiting to hear the new collection of tracks. If you like Radiohead, check out Say Hi. Their new song “Northwestern Girls” from the album entitled “The Wishes and The Glitch” also has a classic alternative feel. We are featuring this song in the cdj music player. Say Hi is also gaining momentum and accolades due to its college fan base. Make sure you check out Say Hi, but here is a Radiohead classic……DGTLALTV…..

Saturday, February 9, 2008

From MPC to MP3: Pete Rock

Many of the best producers are former djs and they create new music using the MPC. Take Pete Rock for example, his affinity for producing comes from having his ear to the streets and his love of music from various genres. He is considered one of the best hip hop producers of all time and he uses the MPC to make his beats. The MPC allows the user to mix records and sample beats from various tracks. This gives the producer the ability to use real music as music. Many producers also use keyboards, live instruments and live voices in conjunction with the MPC to create even more unique sounds. Originally designed as a drum machine and midi sequencer, the MPC- formerly known as the MIDI production center (now called the Music Production Center), features sampling and storage functions that can be combined with other instruments and sounds to create new music. Created by Roger Linn and produced by Akai since 1988, the MPC is a powerful tool used by many producers today. The MPC 2500 is a 32 voice-drum/phase sampler with up to 128 MB of RAM and extensive editing control. It has a functional user interface, responsive velocity- and pressure- sensitive pads, twin onboard effects processors, four Q link controllers (two sliders/two knobs) for extensive real-time control, plus 10 outputs and a S/PDIF digital output. This MPC also has a 100,000 note/64 track MIDI sequencer that can be assigned to four separate MIDI outputs for a total of 64 independently addressable MIDI channels. Watch Pete Rock using the MPC to create a new beat from a classic 80’s tune.........-dp

The College DJ Blog is here!!!

The college dj blog is here. Welcome to the blog spot for college djs. We want to know what you think. What are you listening to? Remember to check out for new music and original posts. If you have an mp3 to distribute to the college djs, send it to for digital distribution.