Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kanye's Grammy Grammar

Kanye West was a huge success last year. His third album received a lot of attention for it’s 80’s feel and his use of keyboards throughout the album. This years Grammy wins for Kanye suggest -rap music still has a broad listening audience. Although different styles of hip hop music exist, the quintessential, long lasting characteristic of the “new new school” remains. Today’s artists have expanded their wordplay and music arrangements. Kanye West has made songs for many artists and was ignored as an artist himself until his first album. He has now evolved into an award winning musician. Talib Kweli, Common and other artists that specialize in rhyme scheme also had a good 2007. Along with these favorites, a new movement involving old “classic” artists has also occurred. Hip hop music has come a long way with something for everyone. A minority of hip hop musicians have received Grammy laudations, but when your big brother (Jay-Z) was B.I.G.’s brother, you’ve had extraordinary tutelage. We are looking forward to hearing more from Kanye and the rest of the hip hop-musicians that are making award winning music. Here is a clip of Timbo and K-West doing what they do…… DGTLHPHP

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