Saturday, May 10, 2008

80's 201:.......Madonna .......

Madonna is back with another hit. Once again she has found a way to re-reinvent herself and stay relevant. Always beautiful, shapely and stylish, Madonna has come back with a new hit single featuring Justin Timberlake called "4 Minutes". Madonna made her debut as an 80's pop phenomenon and was later labeled the "Queen of Pop". In the 80's she created her own fashion trends and was the envy of many teenage girls. She was the first of many female pop stars to come…., but none of them have had the impact Madonna has had on popular culture. Always controversial, Madonna has been able to stand the test of time by creating classic songs and memorable collabos. The new song is rapidly rising on the charts and has a catchy hook. The new album "Hard Candy" will definitely solidify her pop nobility. Madonna has done it all from books, to movies and she is also tech savvy. We are featuring "4 Minutes" and other new music on our player -so make sure you check in with at least once a week to get the new -best out- before anyone else. What's up with the remix of "4 Minutes"?????? . ……….. dp

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