Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Miami Kaos Interview

When you see your favorite artist’s new mixtape; what is the first thing you notice? The cover art of course. I was given the opportunity to interview one of the best Graphic Designers in the game, Miami Kaos. If you are not familiar with the name, you are most likely familiar with the artwork. The unique style he possesses is out of this world. His services have been enlisted by everyone including DJ Clue. Now its time to meet the man behind the covers… Miami Kaos



DJ KidRelly: Could you give us at collegedj.net a little bit about your background?
Miami Kaos: I grew up with a background in art, I went to Art & Design and the School for Visual Art.
Other than that, I was that dude everyone in the are knew could draw.

DJ KidRelly: Where did you get the name Miami Kaos?
Miami Kaos: Miami was my nicknameand Kaos was a graffiti crew I was in (Krazy Artist Of Sin) started by my friend Web One. After awhile peole thought it was my name, my manager Isis said it sounded cool and every since it’s been MIAMI-KAOS.

DJ KidRelly: What was the first mixtape cover you did?
Miami Kaos: I think Dj Lex Killah Blendz vol. 2

DJ KidRelly: I heard you used to work for the Source, can you tell us what you were doing there?
Miami Kaos: I used to do the illustrations for STAR & BUCWILD’S “REALITY CHECK” column. Then after a few years Benzino gave me my own strip “PAST IMPERFECT”

DJ KidRelly: The internet has been a great networking tool for artists. Have there been any drawbacks that you’ve experienced?
Miami Kaos: There’s no one guarding the gates. For every 3 professional people using the net as a tool to successfully network, there’s 7 cornballs just on there wasting people’s time. Most of our business comes from phone calls and not from the internet. Most of our frustrations comes from the net.

DJ KidRelly: Can you name some of your favorite covers that you have created?
Miami Kaos: Almost anything I’ve done for Dj 2 MELLO, DJ DUB FLOYD . COOLBREEZE (LXG BOYS) or HEVEHITTA and UNEXPECTED. They give me the freedom to do what I do best.

DJ KidRelly: How many finished mixtapes do you get from DJs and Artist in which you did the cover artwork?
Miami Kaos: I can’t even count anymore it’s become real sporadic. Once EVERYONE sent us copies of the cds. Then I used to drop clients if they didn’t send me cds, then I just said forget about it and just put in work. SMH, there’s a huge lack of professional courtesy in Hip Hop right now. The above mentioned djs keep me up to date though.

DJ KidRelly: You always have exclusive images, where do you get your pictures?
Miami Kaos: Now if I answered that question, it wouldn’t be as exclusive would it? BONG!!!!!!!

DJ KidRelly: Are you finding a lot of biters in the game?
Miami Kaos: Yes I have a few stalkers that even try to quote scripture because they’ve seen I’m a God fearing man. But they tune (blurring and painting over photos) God blessed me with the ability to actually draw. Most designers love the biting culture, that’s why there’s so many designers that look so similar and they all working for the same djs interchangeable. I had biters thinking I was going to I guess co-sign them hit me up. SMH, that’s the worse thing they could do. That’s why in almost 6 years they only artist I found that was unique was my second in command ALI (WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HARDCOREWEST) HE HAS NEXT YALL.

DJ KidRelly: Just curious, do you turn down a lot of work?
Miami Kaos: About 20% used to be a bigger percentage until I grew as a businessman ( I used to think as solely an artist). If a dude approaches me just too corny or asks me to do anything religious that’s usually an immediate no.

DJ KidRelly: Anything else you'd like to say, any shout outs, upcoming projects that we should know about?
Miami Kaos: I thank the Lord God for blessing me with not only a talent but an arena to exhibit it. Shout outs to my protégé ALI, LXG: DJ 2 MELLO, DJ DUB FLOYD, WIZ HOFFA, DJ COOLBREEZE, DIMEZ & CHEW (RAPMULLET.COM), HEVEHITA, ALSO DJ UNEXPECTED,EVIL EYE, CAMILAINO & CCR, WICKED (every convo mad jewels are dropped) and to YOU Kid Relly, keep doing what you do and thanks for the interest sir, GOD BLESS.

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