Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you a college Radiohead????

Radiohead was all the rage last year. Radiohead’s last album was phenomenal. They also received mainstream attention for their unique way of pricing their last album. Their last album “In Rainbows” was a digital download where users were able to pick their price to obtain their content. Their music may have been overshadowed by this new pricing strategy because the album was extraordinary in its own right. Radiohead boasts a magnificent sound that is reminiscent of classic alternative music. They have been featured on many college radio stations, popular magazines and blogs because of their electrogrung -yet melodic song styles. The new album will be coming soon which will feature their greatest hits and at CDJ we are eagerly waiting to hear the new collection of tracks. If you like Radiohead, check out Say Hi. Their new song “Northwestern Girls” from the album entitled “The Wishes and The Glitch” also has a classic alternative feel. We are featuring this song in the cdj music player. Say Hi is also gaining momentum and accolades due to its college fan base. Make sure you check out Say Hi, but here is a Radiohead classic……DGTLALTV…..

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