Thursday, July 3, 2008

DJ Kid Relly says: Aspiring Artists - Know This!!!

It is not enough to make a press kit, because many major record labels do not even open them once they get to the office. There is a way to avoid this situation from happening. You need to know who you are trying to contact at the office. In most cases, you want to get the contact information of the record labels’ Artists and Repertoire (A&R). The A&R is responsible for scouting and artist development, he probably doesn’t have enough time to sort through the plethora of demo tapes sent by hopeful musicians. Doesn’t make sense? Sure it does, - you have to know the A&R or have management that can facilitate a meeting with the A&R. This may be very expensive if you do not live near a location where many A&R’s work out of. Do not fear. A&R’s have created digital networks with independent artists to help them create a digital press kit which will allow them to meet with the labels when they are interested. So….. if you don’t have a direct connection with an A&R, you should be using the internet to try to get the attention of the label and get more listeners. Remember, creating a strong digital press kit is key. Don’t send them a press kit in the mail, because most likely the A&R will never open the shipping package. Here is a resource that can help, is one of several premier virtual A&R services. The website allows you to create a virtual press kit and shop it to different A&Rs.

DJ Kid Relly

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