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Wicked: The King of Connecticut Stops by

At we are always looking for the latest and most fresh to death music that is on the come up. Wicked (an MC from Connecticut), the King of Connecticut to be exact, is fresh to death. His consistency proves he's too much to handle for any MC that is not up to par. Wicked is one of the last real MC's who displays real musical and lyrical TALENT!!

If you don’t believe me, check out his latest single “Now’s the Time” which you can download right now from us at Also, I had the pleasure of getting to sit down with Wicked and talk about the state of the mix tape game, and much more. Here is the transcript of the interview that I had with Wicked.

DJ KidRelly: What’s goin’ on ya’ll? It’s your boy “DJ KidRelly,” doin’ it real big, and joining me at, is an upstart rapper who’s down with Arkangel Ent. And lookin’ to be the next big thing in hip hop, please welcome the Connecticut Native, Wicked – What’s good, man?

Wicked: What's poppin my dude

DJ KidRelly: I’m glad you had the time, because what we want to do is put you on blast. Let everybody know who exactly Wicked is.

Wicked: Yo, I'm that dude you probably heard on mix cdz killin them freestyles and droppin them street bangaz and was probably like who this Connecticut dude? I never seen this dude before. That was me. I’m an artist, entrepreneur, businessman, hustla, all balled up into one man.

DJ KidRelly: Where is one place, when you’re not doing something musically, where you have the most inspiration – is it in the car, is it in the shower, is it just hangin’ out with your family?

Wicked: (Laughing) either in the bathroom taking a shit writing or in the car because the music is all around me and I just zone out

DJ KidRelly: When you’re rappin’ is everything written down or is it off the top of the dome – how do you go about it?

Wicked: Rappin off the top of my head is my favorite however I feel as though when I'm dealing with a song with meaning, like concepts, stories, ect. I like to have more concentrated thoughts on paper, so I write it down.

DJ KidRelly: In the studio, you’re there a lot, and you’ve been knockin’ out a lot of material for mix tapes – you recently unveiled Code of the Streets Vol. 5 : The Features, a mix tape with DJ L & myself (DJ KidRelly). What type of exposure did that mixtape give you?

Wicked: It reached millions or should I say billions of people. It’s on itunes,,,, This cd has not even been released yet in the streets, It’s exclusively online for now.

DJ KidRelly: For a fan who wants to go pick up a couple brand new mix tapes out on the street, what distinguishes Wicked’s material on his mixtape from anybody else who’s just a run-of-the-mill artist puttin’ out a mixtape?

Wicked: First off my covers are made strictly by Miami Kaos, no one else. Second, you will notice my mix cds have original music on them.

DJ KidRelly: So you’re strivin’ for that connection between the artist and the listener?

Wicked: Yes, I have a connection with my fans, I’m striving for a more broad connection with more fans worldwide.

DJ KidRelly: Continuing on with some mix tape talk: because the mix tape market over the past few years has become relatively flooded, do you feel like mix tapes hold the same weight that they once did, in order to help you achieve success in terms of getting a label deal, getting “on” in a region that maybe didn’t know about you before?

Wicked: Yes & No, the mix tape still holds weight if you’re a hot MC. Also it’s good for exposure to labels or DJz. Mix tapes used to generate a nice cash flow if your shit is hot, but for the most part it’s an excellent marketing tool. Mix tapes sales are not like they were in the early 90s to 2000.

DJ KidRelly: Do you currently have any particular songs being concocted in the studio that’ll be a big part of someone’s life when they get to listen to it in the near future?

Wicked: Yes always. I think the song “Pursuit of Happiness,” off Code of the Streets Vol.5 will play a major role in a lot of people’s life when we release it.

DJ KidRelly: Wicked, how can all of my listeners and your fans find out more about what you got comin’ up?

Wicked: You can stay up on my myspace page
for all latest updates on Wicked.

DJ KidRelly: Definitely! On behalf of, we wish you nothin’ but the best of luck on your upstart career and much success into the future. Any lastwords, and/or Shoutouts?

Wicked: Yes sir, I wanna thank and you, DJ KidRelly for allowing me to express myself up here. My dude Pharoah, for holdin’ it down for the team. Be on the look out for the latest project by me, Wicked “Code of the Streets Vol 5: The Features.”
Also look for that new single “Now’s the Time” it’s can be downloaded at right now. One love to all my supporters’. Thank you for standing by the kid and never giving up. Now’s The Time Y’all, PEACE OUT!!!

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