Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Promotions is Key=ibranding….Free Promotion vs. Paying for Promotion???

To have a successful album you need the media involved whether you just have a great life story or create controversy. This can sell albums and help out your career greatly. Think of publicity as free advertising. Any media that is available will work to get you more exposure and hopefully in turn get more shows and sell more records. Many artists would be surprised how much press they can obtain if they just ask. You must have a good press kit or at least photos, music, and a good biography to email to get press. If you do not have one of the three above then don’t try because they are all needed to get coverage with a respected publication. One thing every artist should do is find emails to create a mailing list of press. This can be done by simply going to the websites of the press pertaining to your genre and searching in their “contact us” page or by buying the magazine and checking the articles. Not all magazines give out emails, but many can be found on places like Myspace, Facebook, and other popular networking sites also. When contacting the press, remember that they receive a large number of emails a day so your story must have a catch to it and be interesting for it to print. Also, the theme must pertain to what the magazine is about. No media outlet wants to hear how you are the best artist etc……They want facts and stories that will be interesting to their viewers. To really take advantage of press……and if you have the extra funds, then the best way to go is to hire a public relations company or a publicist who has a history of working with artists in your genre, who has results and is able to show them. A good publicist can run you anywhere from $500 to $4000 a month, depending on what company you hire and what you need. Here at we would like to recommend Fabiola Fleuranvil of N.Y.L.A. Entertainment Group. Remember you do not need a publicist year round if you aren’t an artist with a large budget -but signing a publicist for a few months before and after the release of your next single, mixtape or album…..greatly increases the chances of making your next project more successful.

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