Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CDJ Digital promotes

CDJ recently linked up with to help them launch their new website. NollywoodAmerica recently had their launch party to promote the site and helped NollywoodAmerica with their digital promotional activities and event planning. The email marketing advice, digital promotions, DJ and video setup consulting we provided was critical to the success of the event. The strategic partnership involved cross promoting and digital distribution for a targeted, young demographic. We are pleased to announce that the event was an overwhelming success. CDJ Digital is now focusing on expanding and scaling its digital offerings and distribution capacity. We hope to be able to offer more synergistic services in the future....See the picture gallery for snaps of the event which included mic control from –DP (just a tad) and performances by Madarocka Chi, a well established Nigerian American hip hop artist. The next event is coming soon!!! Why not plan your next internet related activity/event with the help of CDJ?

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