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DJ Kid Relly's - Basics of Music Promotion

DJ Kid Relly's - Basics of Music

Music promotion is all about hard work and consistency, if you want your music out there you are going to have to work long hours and dedicate time and money to do it right. If you can master the few basics of music promotion below you can be making money in the music industry for years to come as a musician or sitting behind a desk.


For a full rundown of information about radio promotions check out our article on radio promotions. Radio is a very important part of established artists who have a large or little fan base. You need to make sure you have a great song, a budget of at least ,000, and a manager or consultant who knows the basics of radio promotion, or if you have experience with radio it is always still a smart thing to hire an assistant to call stations and help with contests and requests because this is a very time consuming thing for musicians on the road -playing a lot of gigs.

Street Teams/Tastemakers (

This is a great way to get the word out about an album or new single hitting the radio. This is also very cheap if you have a few fans who want to help out in return for free t-shirts, CD’s, and other products. This is a cheap yet effective way to gain a larger fanbase and exposure.

A very important part of your success is your fan base in your home town. You need to work on creating a large fan base in your region, this will create a constant stream of money coming in through CD sales and shows. To do this you can use a street team, put on free shows at local venues, talk with local press such as your newspaper to get featured in their music section if they have one, .....and just about anything that happens in the community you should be volunteering you services of music to venues such as local festivals and homecomings. Many artists who sign to major labels spend thousands on grassroots marketing once they are signed to make sure their album sells. There is nothing that beats hometown fans, they are usually more loyal and take pride in your career.

Internet Networking

The internet is becoming the fastest growing way for musicians to get their material out there. I have known three artists personally who have been signed to major labels with large deals just off of an A&R hearing their Myspace and seeing that they had a following. One artist sent a message to check out his music and he ended up getting a deal with one of the largest labels, Sony BMG. The internet is a great tool for getting the word out about you as well as shows, albums, and more. And the best part of this is that it is very cost effective, most promotion such as Myspace and promoting on message boards is free. With the internet it has become easier and easier for garage bands to become overnight stars.

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