Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Roots To Record 200 New Songs For Jimmy Fallon's Show

As Jimmy Fallon’s house band for his new late night show, they have to record 200 new songs due to NBC’s cost-costing effort to avoid paying royalties on songs the band might have played on air. What’s funny to me is that they must expect this show to actually stick around long enough for them to need 200 songs. I wonder if they’ll pick up where Rising Down left off (142 w/ the bonus song) or will they do some other kooky numbering scheme.

If they were so worried about money, a common sense approach might have been to have them do like 50, enough to get through a month or so. If for some strange reason the show caught on, they could record some more. Then they wouldn’t have to try and hold onto all these new songs after the show is canceled. If the record labels can’t hold onto music, what makes a TV studio think they can do any better? Or maybe they’ll actually give them away for *gasp* free as promo for the show.

As a Roots fan, I’m not complaining, but how’s NBC gonna feel when the inevitable leaks start across the net? You know they’ve already got plans to sell a new mp3 or two everyday as soon as the show ends. Or maybe they’ll actually give them away for *gasp* free as promo for the show. Crazier things have happened and NBC does have Hulu? My only hope is The Roots got their money up front.

They reportedly have 55 in the can already and, for their hard work, they’ve been granted 10 weeks off a year to still tour on their own. I wonder if they’ll get paid for unused vacation days upon termination?


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