Friday, March 6, 2009

Advice on Writing Biographies

If you want to gain the attention of record labels, managers and media, you need to have an interesting story to tell about yourselves. An effective biography will therefore greatly increase your chances of getting that attention. The key to a good bio is to emphasise the points that make you a unique artist, which might include your background, life experiences, credits, a character description, and details of how you relate to your creativity and what your artistic vision is.

It is also important to state whether you have worked with someone who has a name in the industry, such as, for instance, a songwriter, producer, publisher, promoter, etc., or whether you have shared the stage with a successful artist. It is also a good idea to give examples of previous or upcoming achievements, such as a large fan base, independent record sales, airplay, contests won, press clippings, quotes etc. If you can deliver all of the above, then it is highly likely that A&Rs are going to be interested in you.

Put yourself in the position of people who read bios constantly, such as radio producers and magazine journalists, and who have to decide who is interesting enough to put on the show or in the paper. An interesting bio can make the difference between getting an interview or not, between getting airplay or not. A bio should always be genuine (over-the-top statements are easily recognisable), clear and original.

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