Monday, March 23, 2009

Weatherproof releases "Metropolis" Underground Classic

Weatherproof creates an underground classic with their new album “Metropolis”. This album is phenomenal. I was astounded by the production, the beats and classic elements. Weatherproof consists of rhymers (NOT RAPPERS) “Remsa”, “Event” and DJ AppleJuice. DJ AppleJuice and company remind us of what hip hop is all about and their album is a true listening experience. The group hails from New Jersey and definitely represents the Alternative Hip Hop Movement that has originated in “Dirty Jerz” which traces its lineage to Queen Latifah, Naught By Nature and Poor Righteous Teachers. The album release is very timely because it is rare to find an album that one can listen to all the way through and enjoy from track to track. Weatherproof intertwines cutting and scratching (instead of wack hooks from the girl that lives downstairs) and true sampling excellence on each song. The beats are Pete Rock, 9th Wonder –ish…. and the album features guest appearances by Sam Doom and Napoleon Suarez among others. The Metropolis album includes witty interludes and sketches reminiscent of Wu and De La Sol. In short, Weatherproof does not “recreate the wheel, they put rims on it” (Celestine Chukumba circa 2005). Get the new Weatherproof album “Metropolis”. Check out some exclusive footage we caught when we attended the album release party.
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